Athletes’ Angels Return for 2017

Athletes’ Angels Return to Etape Caledonia with their fantastic Therapy Clinic

Athletes’ Angels will be available during event registration on Saturday 20th May and on event day, Sunday 21st May, to provide physiotherapy and massage therapy treatments to riders taking part in this years challenging event.

• Pre-event massage promotes blood flow, flexibility aand encourages a strong performance on race day
• Post-event massage aids recovery, boosts circulation, removes lactic acid and promotes relaxation
• If you’ve got a particular injury, Athletes’ Angels will have physios on standby who can help treat it
• Pay just £10 for 15 minutes – well worth it!
• Athletes’ Angels will accept cash or card payments on the day and will take card payments for advance bookings
• Don’t be disappointed – GET BOOKED IN NOW!

To book and pay for a treatment, please email:

Personal Preference

As listed above, massage has numerous benefits. However, don’t just leave having a massage to after a big ride. Try arranging a monthly massage with an experienced soft tissue therapist to allow yourself to identify any areas that may be stiff or of general concern. For some cyclists, massage makes them feel good psychologically – so if this applies to you too, then why not do it regularly if it helps to improve your performance? On the other hand, don’t feel as though you must have massages if you want to be a successful cyclist – everyone benefits from them in different ways.

Other forms of recovery

Receiving a massage as part of your recovery following a long cycle ride is important, however there are other activities that you can engage in to help optimise your post-ride recovery. You will certainly benefit from regular foam rolling and flexibility work, as these regulate any negative effects of what long hours on the bike can do to your body. Another easy method you may try that many riders find useful, is contrast therapy – simply alternate between hot and cold water in the shower after your ride.