Try Our Training Rides

If you haven’t already, help boost your preparation for The Marie Curie Etape Caledonia by taking on one (or more!) of our fantastic training rides.

Beautifully scenic, these five routes will help you master the local roads in and around the cycling mecca that is Highland Perthshire. Familiarise yourself with the area and immerse yourself in the breath-taking views, whilst you can also experience the wonderful hospitality of the local community.

Each training ride offers something different – be it beautiful towns, A-roads, hills or Loch’s, and they range from between 30 and 47 miles.  Several of the routes take in parts of the official Etape Caledonia route, so why not make yourself familiar with it by taking on either of those.

If you’re from afar, try one of the training rides when you head up to Pitlochry for event weekend as a warm up ride in the couple of days before the event. Head to our Competitor Zone to find the five routes, as well as more information and maps for each one.


To view the Official Marie Curie Etape Caledonia Route Map 2017, click here.