Brand New for 2017 – Pasta Party

We are extremely excited to announce that this year, we will be hosting our first EVER Pasta Party at The Marie Curie Etape Caledonia! We will be welcoming Etape participants on a first come first serve basis, the opportunity to enjoy a FREE bowl of delicious pasta in a relaxing environment. Taking place on Saturday 20th May in the Pitlochry Town Hall, the Pasta Party will give you the chance to fuel up pre-ride in the company of your fellow riders, whilst soaking up the camaraderie of the pre-event atmosphere.

For information on the Pasta Party and how to book your place, click here.


What are the benefits of carb loading?

Some may see carb-loading as a great excuse to dive into a hefty meal and over indulge. However, the main purpose and benefit of carb-loading is to maximise your stores of glycogen, which is your muscle’s primary energy store. Glycogen is the body’s most easily accessible source, especially when you’re doing a hard ride. By fuelling up on carbohydrates, you’re boosting the amount of glycogen that you store in the build up to an endurance ride, which will increase the amount of fuel available to your muscles.

Carb-loading doesn’t necessarily mean you will ride faster, but it will provide you with a larger store of energy to draw upon. Start your carb-loading around 48 hours prior to the event – but make sure you build up your intake slowly, as you want to avoid feeling sluggish or bloated.

Remember: don’t use the concept of carb-loading as an excuse to go overboard on the cake and biscuits. Try and keep fat content to a minimum and stick to low fibre to avoid undesired toilet breaks during the ride!


So come and fuel up by enjoying a tasty and free bowl of pasta with us and enjoy the camaraderie of the pre-ride atmosphere.