On the Day

Good to know


• Road legal bicycle (road, mountain and hybrid bikes are all allowed)
• Safety Certified Helmet
• Appropriate clothing – prepare for all weather types!
• Water and energy drinks
• High energy snacks
• Spare equipment – small pump, inner tubes and repair kit


Your race numbers must be worn at all times for safety purposes. You will be given 3 versions of your race number in your race pack. One sticker must be placed on the front of your helmet, the other sticker on the front of your bike and the larger Race Number must be worn on your back. You can either use a race belt or safety pins for the larger number.

Failing to wear all three race numbers correctly can lead to removal from the event.

Click the button below to find out your race number as well as your allocated wave and start time.




Road closures and parking suspensions occur in Pitlochry and surrounding areas as a result of the event taking place. If participants intend to drive to the event they must park in the event car park, clearly signposted when you arrive in Pitlochry.

Parking will be available at the Pitlochry Rec Ground on the day, and can be booked in advance by clicking the button below. Alternatively you can pay by cash on the day, however it is first come first serve so we advise that you book your parking space in advance. Please find the option to book your parking under the merchandise section in your Active account.

Please note; a number of parking suspensions will be in place in and around Pitlochry throughout the weekend. You will not be permitted to park on the side of the A924 between the A9 and Pitlochry for safety reasons. Traffic wardens and Police will be patrolling this area throughout the day and any cars parked here are likely to be ticketed or towed.



Please take the time to study the two maps below to familiarise yourself with which roads you can access on event day – click on each map to enlarge.

Pitlochry Road Access Map 1                                     Pitlochry Road Access Map 2
Sunday 21st May 2017, 04:30 – 8:20:                         Sunday 21st May 2017, 08:20 – 15:30:


To view the course map, please click here.



The first wave of the day will set off shortly after sunrise around 6.30am. Subsequent waves will be released every few minutes. Your wave allocation, specific start time and race number will be available to view closer to the event. Click on the map below to ensure you know where each of the start pens are located and the procedure at the start line.




To ensure that the roads are reopened to the schedule agreed with the authorities, participants will need to maintain an average speed of 13mph around the course. This gives at least 6 hours and 15 minutes to reach the finishing line within the closure window. Once the last wave of cyclists have set off from Pitlochry, our sweep bus will follow along the route. Cyclists who fail to maintain the minimum average speed of 13mph will be overtaken by the sweep bus and are strongly recommended to get on, and they will be returned to Pitlochry by our friendly team.



Should you irreparably damage one of your wheels during the event, Shimano will be on hand to loan you a replacement if you wish and allow you to continue. Shimano will take your registration number, name, contract details and a photo to ensure your wheel can be returned to you.

If you do use one of Shimano’s wheels, they do ask that you please return the wheel to a member of event staff, along with your registration number attached in the Event Village. Your damaged wheel will be labelled and returned to a member of event staff in the Event Village where it can be exchanged for the Shimano service wheel.

PLEASE NOTE: The Shimano team supports all participants on the course, and for this reason, sometimes your wheels may be the last to return to the Event Village. If you cannot wait until the Shimano Service Vehicle arrives back in the Event Village, please ensure you leave the Shimano service wheel with a member of event staff and they can arrange for your wheel to be returned to you at the address provided.


Athletes’ Angels will be available during event registration on Saturday 20th May and on event day, Sunday 21st May, to provide physiotherapy and massage therapy treatments to riders taking part in this challenging event.

• Pre-event massage promotes blood flow, flexibility aand encourages a strong performance on race day
• Post-event massage aids recovery, boosts circulation, removes lactic acid and promotes relaxation
• If you’ve got a particular injury, Athletes’ Angels will have physios on standby who can help treat it
• Pay just £10 for 15 minutes – well worth it!
• Athletes’ Angels will accept cash or card payments on the day and will take card payments for advance bookings
• Don’t be disappointed – GET BOOKED IN NOW!

To book and pay for a treatment, please email: caroline@athletesangels.com



We’d love to keep rubbish and litter to a minimum throughout event weekend.

There will be a number of clearly signed ‘Litter Zones’ dotted along the route, please bear these in mind whilst on the course! Those seen littering outside of these zones will have their timing chip removed and will be disqualified from the event.


Etape Caledonia is open to individuals between the ages of 17 – 80.

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